Tom Clancy, Navy Fiction Writer

Tom Clancy wrote thrilling cold war, espionage movies, with great technical detail, many of which became blockbuster movies.
02 Oct. 2013
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#6. In the 'Sum of All Fears', Denver is destroyed by a nuclear attack.

#5. In Tom Clancy's 2004 "Debt of Honor' the President and many members of Congress area killed (some think they can detect a prediction of the 9/11 attacks)

#4. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is based on the Sydney 2000 Olympics

#3. Tom Clancy discusses 'Dead or Alive' with a retired air force general Chuck Horner.

#2. 'Threat Vector' is the last of Tom Clancy's works to be published while he was alive.

#1. Tom Clancy died at only 66 in 2013. He is survived by his second wife and his five children from his two marriages. Tom Clancy's next book Command Authority is set to be released in December 2013.




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Tom Clancy, Navy Fiction Writer

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