Reasons We Miss Wing Diver Mark Sutton

Mr Sutton, famous wing suit flyer, died after leaping with a friend from a helicopter at 11,000ft above the Grandes Otanes in Switzerland.
15 Aug. 2013
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#5. Don't miss this video of Mark Sutton flying the 'The Crack' in Switzerland.

#4. Here is Mark Sutton as he parachutes into the Olmpic Games opening ceremony dressed as James Bond on 27 July 2012. Niviere/Chamussy/SIPA/Rex Features

#3. Mark Sutton (centre) doubled for Daniel Craig's James Bond last summer

#2. Mark Sutton's Italian Wingsuit Proximity Flight

#1. Here is a video of Mark Sutton demonstrating his favorite flights from Norway, Switzerland and Italy on a Tonysuits Rebel wingsuit.



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Reasons We Miss Wing Diver Mark Sutton

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