Missing Kidd Kraddick And His Morning Show...

Kidd Kraddick (real name David Peter Cradick) known as Kidd Kraddick was a nationally-syndicated morning radio show, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning based in Irving, Texas
15 Aug. 2013
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#11. Kidd Kraddick was born in Napoleon, Ohio but his first radio position was in Tampa. He dropped out of the University of Miami after a semester to study broadcasting.

#10. Kraddick's radio show was based in Irvine, Texas but syndicated nationally and won numerous broadcasting awards.

#9. Kidd Kraddick and his ex-wife had one daughter, Caroline.

#8. Kidd Kraddick and One Direction

#7. Mylie Cyrus with Kidd Kraddick

#6. Scarlet Johansson (!!!)

#5. Among his many radio talents was Kidd Kraddicks ability to interview celebrities, such as Will Ferrell...

#4. Kidd Kraddick's two longest-running cast members were Kellie Rasberry....

#3. ...and Big Al Mack!

#2. Kidd Kraddick was deeply involved in his charity work for children, called Kidd's Kids.

#1. Kraddick died on July 27, 2013, while attending an annual fundraiser for his charity, Kidd's Kids at Timberlane Country Club in Gretna, Louisiana




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Missing Kidd Kraddick And His Morning Show...

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