David Frost, Journal Tv Host Satirist

Sir David Paradine Frost 1939-2013 was a celebrated English and American TV journalist and writer.
01 Sep. 2013
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#7. David Frost and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

#6. The David Frost show also featured many memorable Entertainer interview ie John Lennon and Yoko Ono....

#5. Sir David Frost interviews Sir Pau McCartney....

#4. David Frost & Muhammad Ali (1974)

#3. Sir David Frost Interview with Sir Elton John!

#2. Frost/Nixon was originally a play written by Peter Morgan and later turned into a successful movie, directed by Ron Howard.

#1. After 40 years of television and numerous awards and honors, David Frost died while lecturing in August 2013. He will be missed by many of his loyal viewers and readers.




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David Frost, Journal Tv Host Satirist

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