12 Moments We Miss With Dennis Farina

Dennis Farina, real life Chicago Policeman then movie and TV actor died this summer.
12 Aug. 2013
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#12. Farina was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Sicilian-American parents, one of seven children. He served in the in the US Army and then Chicago Police Department's burglary division, from 1967 to 1985.

#11. Dennis Farina played the mobster Albert Lombard in Miami Vice.

#10. Dennis Farina in "Another Stakeout" the Ice Cream Scene

#9. Dennis Farina was featured in "The Mod Squad" in 1999

#8. Dennis Farina was Ray "Bones" Barboni, in "Get Shorty".

#7. Dennis Farina was Army Lieutenant Colonel Walter Anderson in "Saving Private Ryan".

#5. Dennis Farina in "You never heard a dog squeak before?"

#4. Dennis Farina in his role of Detective Lt. Mike Torello on Crime Story was as a Chicago police officer.

#3. In2008, Farina became the new host of Unsolved Mysteries

#2. One of his Dennis Farina's last roles before his death in July 2013 was in the TV series New Girl

#1. Chicago, your movie and TV fans, and will miss you, Dennis Farina




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12 Moments We Miss With Dennis Farina

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